• Choosing the Seat in Arbitration Clauses and Agreements

    By Eric N. Fidel | 2 September, 2016

    Parties to a contract have considerable choice over the way a dispute between them will be conducted. More>>

  • Real Unemployment is Double the Official Unemployment Rate

    By Pete Dolack | 23 March, 2015

    How many people are really out of work? The answer is surprisingly difficult to ascertain. More>>

  • EU Trade Secrets Directive

    By Fadi Sfeir | 14 June, 2016

    EU Member States have adopted a Directive on the protection of trade secrets on 27 May 2016. More>>

  • A Critical Assessment of Article XX

    By Andrew Amos | 18 October, 2015

    Acritical assessment and examination of the application of Article XX of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. More>>